You'd rather go through the Wipeout obstacle course 3 times before you DIY anything for your wedding.

You love animals! You have 1 (or 2 or 3) pets that you absolutely adore and you love showing them off (which is great cause I'd love to see them)!

You're pretty calm and collected most of the time, but planning your intimate wedding is Freaking. You. Out! You're confused (and possibly losing it a little bit), and you need an expert to keep you on track.

You are HYPE about your wedding and you want someone who's just as hype and excited as you are!

Traditional ivory and blush have always had your heart, but you also like a modern, creative twist. Unique statement pieces and pops of color combined with the traditional look is right up your alley!

You adore your partner for everything they are and vice versa. You both understand that compromising is worth it to have the gorgeous wedding you both want.

You're organized and are willing to follow a detailed process to get to the wedding that you're dreaming of!

Through it all, the only thing that matters is saying "I do" to your love and nothing will ruin your joy. 

We may be a good match if: 

Your wedding planning goals:

Hire a trained expert to help you navigate through the process. All facts, and no sugar coating.

Trust said leader to recommend amazing vendors and narrow down your options, so you can get it done and keep it movin'.

Actually enjoy wedding planning! Dress shopping, bridal shower, AND cake tastings, yass!

Your wedding day goals:

You want to have a freakin blast - great food, great music, and just great vibes with your closest family and friends!

You want your family and friends to enjoy your wedding with you, not working on your wedding.

This Is Me! Let's Start Planning!